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Karneval Group!

Hi guys, I'm posting this to bump off that distasteful entry from before see if anyone would be seriously interested in a Karneval group. :D
No definite details of when and where yet, but I'm just hoping to get any interested cosplayers together first :D

If you're interested, the manga can be read online at onemanga or mangafox, OR If you want extras and higher quality images, go to Scarlet Carnival (they'd have betterr pictures for cosplay references anyway xD)

And seeing as Karneval's pretty underground, I think if we get this done as soon as possible, we may be the first Australian Karneval group ever! >8D I also want to cosplay this before it gets mainstream Dx

And onto the characters~!
Note: Practically all the characters have multiple outfits (except maybe one or 2 so far), so your cosplay isn't restricted to the pictures I post up. <3 I really want to get all the main characters too so those I guess are first priority atm?
Oh, and click on the pictures for a bigger version 8D

Nia (tehcrayonofdoom)                 Gareki                                          Yogi               

karoku1.jpg picture by 123QueenofMeeps321   2.png picture by 123QueenofMeeps321    ivava.png picture by 123QueenofMeeps321
Karoku(lil_starfish )                               Tsukumo                    Iva/Eva (bubblefire)

hiratoto.png picture by 123QueenofMeeps321  akirara.png picture by 123QueenofMeeps321
                       Hirato                                           Akari                                   

Vol3-3.png picture by 123QueenofMeeps321 Vol3-5.png picture by 123QueenofMeeps321 Vol3-2.png picture by 123QueenofMeeps321 Vol3-1.png picture by 123QueenofMeeps321 Vol1-Sheep.png picture by 123QueenofMeeps321
Tsubame  Yotaka               Kiichi            Jiki               Tsukitachi            Sheep     

Thank you, Bubble, for helping me format this post LOL I am such a noob @ lj

len, rin, vocaloid


[FZFT '09] Rynen ♪~ says (7:53 PM):
*OHOHOHOHOH HOHOHO HOHOHOH /waits at bottom with a net
*help                s a l l y e l o o     ಥдಥ       (R) says (7:53 PM):
*LOL ;u;
[FZFT '09] Rynen ♪~ says (7:54 PM):
*only coz i get to see up your skirt while you're falling :U
[FZFT '09] Rynen ♪~ says (7:55 PM):
*walks away awkwardly*

*extremely disturbedddddd*
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